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Founded in 1967, Foretravel Motorhomes has engaged originality, style and unbeatable quality to grow to be the leader in luxury motorhomes. From their first model, the Super Luxura to their latest model the Phenix, Foretravel has remained devoted to producing a motorhome that combines a smooth ride, amazing handling, classic styling and an impeccable finish.

Foretravel’s originality is marked in their exclusive TravelRide chassis. This superior design came into being in 1987 when Foretravel engineered and manufactured an entirely monocoque chassis which they called the Unihome. The chassis provided the highest amount of storage without compromising the outstanding ride and handling that set Foretravel apart. However, Foretravel motorhomes also attract those with an eye for design since each one of their RVs has well-crafted, detail oriented, and quality constructed interiors as well as exteriors.

Motor Home Specialist is proud to provide Foretravel motorhomes to its customers amongst their large variety of recreational vehicles. Years of experience, a seasoned knowledge of the industry and unbeatable service make them the prime Texas motorhome dealer. Using Motor Home Specialist Online is a great way to see what their current inventory is comprised of. For any available models you can watch a video virtual tour, read through all the details concerning that particular motorhome and even browse through photos. We’d love for you to come visit our 22-acre lot just outside of Dallas/Fort Worth to see everything we have to offer. Thanks for shopping with Motor Home Specialist and let us know if we can do anything to assist you in your hunt for a great motorhome.