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Since 1997, the Dynamax Corporation has been helping families experience the most from their outdoor adventures by creating quality motorhomes, from Luxury Class A RVs to their Class C models, which are said to offer "best in class" luxury and performance. Dynamax has made it their mission to bring impeccable aerodynamics, a comfortable, smooth ride, convenience, and incredible durability and longevity to all of their motor homes. Located in Elkheart, Indiana, Dynamax understands the heart of the American TV traveler, and builds their RVs to help accommodate those travels for years to come.

Motor Home Specialist is proud to carry quality used motorhomes from Dynamax Corporation. While we hold the title as the #1 volume selling Texas RV Dealer, we have been creating happy RV buyers from around the world since 1995 by providing our customers with great products, honest service, at prices that are lower than our competition. Contact our friendly sales staff to tell them about your family's motorhome vacation needs. They are extremely knowledgeable about the RV industry, and are non-commissioned, so when you contact them you get incredible service, and none of the hassle. We look forward to helping you find just the right RV for you and your family, just like we know you look forward to getting on the road for just the right price. Motor Home Specialist can help make it happen!