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Death Valley National Park, located in Death Valley, California, is a vast desert of streaming sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, multicolored rock layers, water-fluted canyons and 3 million acres of wilderness. This Park is home to the Timbisha Shoshone people, as well as to plants and animals unique to the harshest desert. Devil’s Hole provides the habitat for the endangered Devil’s Hole Pupfish, a species that has been in existence for over ten thousand years. Among the mountain ranges is 11,049 foot Telescope Peak. The vertical drop from the peak to the Badwater Basin is twice the depth of Grand Canyon.

Death Valley National Park outdoor activities include hiking, backpacking, biking and mountain biking, backcountry camping, as well as birdwatching. Some of the historic sites to see are Scotty’s Castle, hidden in Grapevine Canyon’s green oasis in far northern Death Valley; as well as Harmony Borax Works, the Keane Wonder Mine, and the scattered Death Valley Ghost Towns, such as the Rhyolite Ghost Town. RV campgrounds in Death Valley National Park that accept RVs and offer water, dump stations and restrooms are Furnace Creek, Sunset, Texas Spring, Stovepipe Wells, Mesquite Spring, and Wildrose. Other California RV Dealers agree that Death Valley National Park is just one of the great California RV Parks available to you. See other RV Parks by State.

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