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Country Coach Affinity Motorhome

Motor Home Specialist offers Used Country Coach Affinity Motorhomes for sale for a genuine discount price. The Country Coach Affinity Motorhome was first introduced in 1993 and was still in production in 2009.

The 1995 the Country Coach Affinity Motorhome offered two floor plans, the 38' Country Coach Affinity, and the 40' Country Coach Affinity, and two engine options were also available. Each Affinity Motorhome could either house a 350HP Caterpillar or a 350HP Detroit diesel engine.

In 1996 the Country Coach Affinity Motorhome's offerings remained almost identical to the 1995 Country Coach Affinity and still featured either the 350 HP Caterpillar or 350HP Detroit.

The Country Coach Affinity Motorhome from 1997 had many of the same options as the 1996 Country Coach Affinity, but the '97 featured either the 350 HP Cat or a 425 HP Caterpillar.

1998 brought the first slide-out floor plan to the Country Coach Affinity Motorhome. The average MSRP was about $380,000 for a new Country Coach Affinity RV with a slide-out room in 1998.

In 2000, the first Country Coach Affinity Motorhome with a double slide-out floor plan was introduced to the RV industry. The 455 HP engine became standard on the 2000 Country Coach Affinity luxury diesel, and a 42' tag axle floor plan was also made available. The average MSRP for a 2000 Country Coach Affinity double slide, tag axel, was approximately $450,000.

The 2002 Country Coach Affinity Motorhome was the first 42' tag axel Affinity RV with a powerful 505 HP engine. The average cost to buy a new 2002 Country Coach Affinity Motorhome by this time was approximately $515,000.

In 2004 the Country Coach Affinity Motorhome increased its upscale status by offering offer a 45' luxury suite floor plan that featured a 515 HP engine and a triple slide floor plan. The 2004 Country Coach Affinity luxury suite was the only available new Country Coach Affinity RV for the year 2004.

2005 was the first year that the Country Coach Affinity Motorhome was available with a quad slide and three different 45' floor plans. By this time, the Country Coach Affinity had an estimated MSRP of close to $670,000 for one of their flagship floor plans. All 7 of the 2005 Country Coach Affinity models came standard with a 525 HP diesel engine.

By 2006 the Country Coach Affinity Motorhome reduced its available floorplans to include 6, but now offered ether a 525HP or 600HP diesel option. All six floor plan variations were either 42' of 45', with one exception of the 40' Sonoma Coast floor plan. All 2006 Country Coach Affinity models featured four slide-outs.

In 2007 the Country Coach Affinity Motorhome line had rapidly grown to offer 18 different floor plan and engine variations, including the Country Coach Affinity Silverado Trail 600HP Motorhome.

The 2008 Country Coach Affinity 800 Series offered an incredible 30 different engine and floor plan variations. The Country Coach Affinity, by this time, had motorhomes that reached MSRPs eclipsing the $815,000 range.
Motor Home Specialist is proud to have sold countless used Country Coach Motorhomes to happy RV buyers worldwide. We have found used Country Coach Motorhomes to both hold up exceptionally well from a condition standpoint and have excellent customer demand for the product considering the exclusiveness of the price point of a used Country Coach RV. The Country Coach Affinity Motorhome remains one of the most well known models from Country Coach, and one of the most exclusive luxury motor homes ever built.

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