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American Tradition Motorhome

Motor Home Specialist offers Used American Tradition Motorhomes for sale. The American Tradition was introduced in 1996, and this Class A RV model is still going strong in the new 2010 American Tradition Motorhome. The American Tradition is most commonly built on the Spartan Mountain Master chassis.

The original 1996 American Tradition Motorhome offered a single floor plan - the 37TF with a 250HP diesel engine.

The 1997 American Tradition Motorhome brought RVers the option of 5 different floor plans, including four 38-foot models, as well as a 40-foot model with slide out.

By the year 2001 the American Tradition Motorhome could be found with a variety of eight floor plans, all with at least two slide-out rooms with the exception of one. All of these models were designed with 315 hp Cummins diesel engines.

The 2002 version of the American Tradition Motorhome provided a choice of five different floor plans. All 2002 American Tradition floor plans were 40 feet in length and offered two slides.

In 2003 the American Tradition Motorhome featured six floor plan designs. All 2003 American Tradition Motorhomes also were 40 feet in length, and provided two slide-out rooms, as did the 2002 models. The exception to this was the 40T American Tradition model's floor plan, which offered 3 slide out rooms.

The 2004 American Tradition Motorhome continued to provide RV buyers with eight floor plans to choose from, however two of the American Tradition floor plans now had four slides - a first for American Tradition Motorhomes.

The American Tradition Motorhome had become so popular that by 2005, American Coach offered an impressive range of fifteen different floor plans. Also for the first time, a 42-foot American Tradition was made available that boasted a tag axle chassis, a 400 HP and four slide out rooms. This American Tradition model was named the 42R.

In 2006 the American Tradition was built with a 400 hp diesel engine, and had designed two 42 foot tag axle American Tradition Motorhomes to choose from.
By the year 2009, the American Tradition Motorhome expanded its length to the new 43 foot tag axle models.

All late-model American Traditions can include such Class A luxury RV amenities as full body paint, one-piece windshields, multiple slide-out rooms, and a powerful 425 hp Cummins diesel engine. American Tradition Motorhomes remain one of the most popular models in the American Coach line.

Motor Home Specialist is proud to have sold hundreds of used American Tradition Motorhomes through the years. We have helped customers find genuine discount prices, and provided them with honest, friendly service when shopping with us for their used American Coach RVs, including the American Tradition. Visit us at Motor Home Specialist to find just the right quality used American Coach Motorhome for your family's upcoming RV camping vacations.

Find used American Coach motor homes for sale at incredible savings everyday at Motor Home Specialist: The #1 Volume Selling Texas RV Dealer. 800-335-6054 or


2015 Motor Home Specialist Aerial Photo

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