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If you are a resident of Oregon, or from any where around the world for that matter, surfing the net for an exceptional deal on a new or used RV you’ve found the right website.

Motor Home Specialist is the #1 volume selling motor home dealership in Texas and one the largest in the country. We are family owned and operated offering one of the largest and certainly one of the most diverse selections of RVs anywhere in the United States. On our website you will find everything from a class B mini motor home to a huge selection of class A gas & diesel pushers and even a selection of Prevost bus conversions. Being family owned makes buying from us a more personnel experience, but because of our big volume pricing you won’t have to sacrifice the super low prices we offer everyday at Motor Home Specialist.

You also won’t have to give up your Oregon residency tax benefits when doing business with Motor Home Specialist in Texas.

If you are worried about trading in a RV from Oregon, please don’t. It too, is a simple process. We have an easy to use, but very thorough trade-in bid form online. You simply fill out the requested information and click “submit.” Once we have received your RV information we get to work on your trade value. We will work the numbers on your RV “sight unseen” while you are in Oregon. Once we agree on numbers a small deposit is taken on the RV to hold it until you are able to make the trip from Oregon to Texas. Find great Oregon RV Parks in your area.

Once you have arrived here at the rv dealership we have a service and delivery park for our Oregon RV buyers. We will park your trade-in unit right beside your new RV. 50 amp service is provided for your trade, while full hook-ups are provided for your new RV. This way you can keep A/C units, refrigerators, etc. operating on both units and move your things easily and comfortably from one coach to the other. This is also a great place to spend the night just to make sure you understand how everything works on your RV before heading home to Oregon.

Before you would ever start moving into your new RV a complete coach orientation will be performed by one of our service techs. They will walk you from bay to bay inside and out to demonstrate how everything works and that it is working properly. You will really like how you take possession of your new RV here at Motor Home Specialist.

If you have no trade and will be flying into Texas from Oregon to pick up your new RV we will pick you up. You will fly into Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. We will then bring you to your RV. All MHS RVs will be fully detailed and prepped before your arrival. You will also have a complete RV starter kit that will include pretty much anything you might need to get started RVing as well as some additional useful items provided by Motor Home Specialist.

We also have RV financing available for our Oregon RV buyers. You can fill out a secure credit application or one can be faxed or emailed to you. Once we have the application we have approvals the very same day in most cases. Please feel free to call toll free from Oregon to discuss current loan information. 800-335-6054

Many of our Oregon RV customers also make a small and sometimes even lengthy vacation when doing business here at Motor Home Specialist in Texas. Now, we can’t offer you the same majestic scenery that you are used to in Oregon, but Texas does have many beautiful RV parks and resorts as well as historic districts, sports venues and fun places to visit while here.

Please review our inventory online. You will find several photos for every unit as well as sale prices listed year round. You will also find virtual tours and or videos on almost every new RV. You can truly shop online at Motor Home Specialist while still in Oregon. Take a look at the customer testimonials from MHSRV customers from around the world and in particular our RV buyers from Oregon. We’ll take good care of you while you’re here and save you a lot of money in the process.

Thanks for visiting Motor Home Specialist online, the #1 motor home dealership in Texas selling RVs to Oregon residents’ everyday at incredible savings. If you have any questions about our products or services please don’t hesitate to call or email. We all look forward to hearing from you soon.


Testimonials & RV Reviews
Deals of the Week
RV Finder Wish List

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